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Bridgeport Investment Reward Program “BIRP”

Bridgeport Investment Reward Program “BIRP”

February 23, 2017

The unique Bridgeport Investment Reward Program is a direct marketing reward program that is designed to reward smart thinking and hardworking individuals, that use or own properties in our captive market and help them explore the unique advantage of being early adopters to our projects.

There is always an early mover advantage in life and being a rewarder for same is the smart thing to do.

It’s true that it’s you anyone else will believe the most when they talk about the value of either owning the property or rent payable for it. Money must be spent on advertising any goods and good companies spend between 5-10% marketing their product. It makes all the sense in the world to reward you who is best positioned to make people see reasons to purchase & invest.

If you are renting now this affords you the amazing opportunity to own your own home by introducing people to buy and taking advantage of the 5 years mortgage scheme with just 7. 95% interest payment. Already sounds like a good plan, right?

So how does this works?

Simply invite people to buy a property in your estate or any of the estates listed in this booklet and you get 5% of the deposits paid as a store credit into your account towards a dream home of your choice.